What we offer

We primarily focus on the design, supply and installation of safety systems for work at height but we believe that our biggest advantage is that we cater for our clients’ unique needs by customising and engineering solutions to solve the specialised challenges they face.

With fully-fledged design & draughting and SHEQ departments, Gravity Global is capable of providing holistic and integrated work at height solutions that is scalable and turn-key. With decades of experience and its continued involvement in standards and work at height safety organisations, Gravity Global provides cutting-edge solutions that is in step with the latest industry advances and best practices.

What we offer:

  • Professional consultation for work at height solutions, such as: Holistic fall protection planning for complex operations or sites.
  • Fall protection system evaluations.
  • Work at height system design and technical drawings.
  • Fall protection planning and risk assessment.

With its dedicated design and draughting team, Gravity Global offers professional, engineer-approved, high-quality and accurate designs for all of its work at height safety systems. The team is experienced in fall arrest, fall prevention, rope access and associated system’s designs. A ISO aligned quality management system ensures that appropriate records are kept during the installation, testing and certification process by its competent, experienced staff.

What we offer:

  • Design, installation, testing and certification of fall prevention & protection systems, such as:
      • Work at height single point anchors
      • Lifelines (vertical & horizontal)
      • Fall arrest rails
      • Rope access rails
      • Hand rails
      • Temporary fall protection and prevention systems
  • Façade and difficult access strategies
  • Rope Access Services

With years of experience in working with architects and façade engineers, Gravity Global understands the need for innovative, integrated access strategies for building facades – particularly where complex shapes and difficult to reach areas are concerned. Providing unique options where simple systems won’t do, Gravity Global is the leader in façade and difficult access solutions.

Custom designed, multi-purpose, simple to complex systems that are easy to use, the BMU solution provides a versatile means of access for a range of maintenance options on hard-to-reach facades. It can be designed to tuck away on the roof or in a purpose-built stowaway. Design and access options are limitless and most systems provide for a suspended platform with additional hoist point.

Features and Benefits:

  • Work platform with guardrails around to provide comfortable, safe work environment.
  • Mechanically activated safety brake system ensures 100% safety even if electrical supply is interrupted.Adaptable to a range of orientations and façade designs (can be applied virtually anywhere).
  • Can be installed on tracks / on wheels / on davit arm system or with a static base (wide design range).
  • Scalable working load limit according to scope of design.
  • Entire system is customizable according to design envelope and scope of use.
  • Can incorporate separate hoisting system for ease of changing cladding or window panes.
  • Leading German technology and performance standards, for exceptional durability and safety.


  • Facilitates safe, easy and fast façade access and maintenance.
  • Suited to difficult access solutions for complex layouts.
  • Architectural highlights and monuments.
  • Commercial office and mall roofs.
  • Residential and agricultural roofs.
  • Airport, educational and hospital building roofs.
  • Flagship and ultra-high buildings.
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